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Things To Learn About A Company Before Job Interview

April 17, 2012


As economy is going down, companies are cutting down their budgets and as such more and more people are laid off or fired. This increase the competition ratio of jobs open in the market to the total population. People strike hard to nail the job that are open in the market. For this they have to be better than other job seekers. One of which could be to learn little about the company before job interview.

Many applicants believe that their only job is to inform the company's hiring managers about themselves and why they are worthy of being hired. It's true that this is a big part of a job interview, but it's not the only part of it. The other side of the coin is that applicants need to have done their research into a company so that they can explain why they're a good match for the company, what they can contribute to the company's goals and where they see themselves going with the company in the future.

Most people do not know they should research the company they are considering employment for. Many interviews will consist of questions about the actual company itself. You do not want to be left stumped when asked simple questions that you should know about the company.

The following are the things that you need to know about a company:

  • Information about It: This includes name of the company, location, branch offices and names of some senior officials
  • Mission and Vision: Learn about their mission and vision and potrait yourself accordingly in the interview.
  • What industry they are into: You need to know what type of work they do.
  • About Client: Some companies also talks about their clients on their website and some testimonials are also added. You need to learn who all clients are
  • Job Role & Responsibilities: This is very important because this offers you to learn about the kind of working you will be doing if hired and this will impress about your knowledge of the position to the interviewer and more chances for you to get shortlisted for the job.

What makes the difference between those who get the callbacks and those who don't?
There are a lot of factors which go into how well you are perceived at your job interviews but one of the main ones that is often overlooked by job applicants is their knowledge of the company.

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